1. James Kelly
    born Cork Ireland, based Berlin Germany
  2. Recent Work : 
    'Shooter' Season 3 (USA Network) : assistant composer for original score for 13 episode TV series. Premiers June 21.
    Hilary Woods - Colt : co-produced and mixed album, out June 8th on Sacred Bones.
    Zola Jesus - 'Siphon' : co-produced third single from 'Okovi' album. 
    'Exploring Time' : original score for short film. Awarded 'vimeo staff pick'
    Bliss Signal : new music colloboration. Debuted at Unsound Festival Krakow 2017. Album forthcoming Fall '18
  3. WIFE is my artist project. 
    Standard Nature is the latest release.
    Altar of Plagues was my band.
    My records have been released on labels such as Tri-Angle, Profound Lore and Candlelight. 
  4. HUSBAND is my music and sound design studio.
    Clients include fashion brands, television networks and artists.